Wedding Planner

All our team personally oversees the entire wedding. The Hacienda can be rented for a few days, or for a whole week. The team works closely with the couple or wedding planner, supervising from the flowers to the banquet. Pre and post wedding activies, like a champagne beach pic-nic,
archaeological tours, golf, fishing and even a private party at a club can be easily arranged.


For weddings of up to 200 people a giant tent can be set up in the garden (with rental of all 18 suites). Smaller or more intimate events can take place on the restaurant Terrace (50 people), or the private Arcangel room (40 People). Our chef offers a blend of French technique with local and Caribbean ingredients. As a complement, there is our
extensive wine list, as well as cigar menu. Costs are upon request, as each event is organized according to the bride and groom’s wishes.